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8-Bit Symphony by Future--Hearts
Anthro 8-Bit Symphony by InsaneSpyro
8-Bit Symphony - Plot Shot by InsaneSpyro

Favorite Splatoon Character (Callie)

Callie by Ra1-x3
Squid Sisters: Callie by LunarHalo24
Callie by Furin94
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Callie-Squid Sisters-Splatoon. by SilvyTheHedgehog
STAY FRESH! by medikkuu
the better squid sister by sakuracila
Stay Fresh! by Marshbreeze
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Starlight Glimmer <3 (Dark Console's waifu???)

Starlight Glimmer by BritishPegasus
Starlight Glimmer - Theyll finally understand by Mit-boy
Starlight Glimmer by XBoomdiersX
Vector #123 - Starlight Glimmer #2 by DashieSparkle
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Unikitty Worship Shrine

Unikitty by UP1TER Unikitty by Rue-Willings
Unikitty! by C-Puff
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Unikitty doll by Trickyzora
Unikitty Rage by XxNinja-PikachaoxX


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Awesome Artists

:iconmlp-scribbles: WATCH HIM NOW!

:iconfuture--hearts: and she is just a joy to speak to!

:iconsparkle-bliss: she puts the E in EPPPIIICCCC!

:iconinsanespyro: He's Insanely cool



Console's dream come true (The Deal RP) read descr by Midnight-Devilwitch
Console's dream come true (The Deal RP) read descr
*One day I, Console Command met a beautiful mare while I was in canterlot... her name  was none other then... Sonata Dusk she had a fun personality...a amazing voice...pretty nice figure as well...I wanted to say hi to her and tell her how I felt about her..I was too shy to say it....

so I decided to follow her to see what was up... until one day I saw her jump into the ocean and I couldn't follow her  until then.... I saw her come out but... not as her normal self... she was a Siren! a Creature with a beautiful voice but quite a scary looking body... I wanted to tell her how I felt... but she disappeared into the ocean and I couldn't go after her because I can't breath that deep in the water....So... How could I get to her to tell her?...I would have to be like her so I could breath in the water while still being able to turn to my normal pony form like she could...I walked away in sadness fear that ill never able to see her.... but as I was walking their was a pony behind me that heard me...She was a Demon pony with a blue coat, a Silver mane,, and a Strange Spaded cutie mark which seemed to make an inverted cross

8 bit Symphony: Hi sweetie~... I heard you want to speak with that siren pony right? *smiles evilly*

Console: Y-yeah I do..b-but I can't since I can't breath in the water like she can... *sighs* I wish I could...

8-bit Symphony: awwww how cute what if I told you that... I could make that dream come true?....

Console: wait... you can do that for me?!

8-bit Symphony: of course~... * summons a contract* All you gotta do is sign this.. and ill make your dream come true~....

Console: really?... thats it?...oh.. um I dunno.. um... umm.... who am I kidding I want this! *signs quickly as it disappears in flame*

8-bit Symphony: well that was easy.. thank you are mine now *gives him a Siren pendant and puts it around his neck* you'll need this dearie~... now you will fall asleep... and wake up the next day...with a new Gift~... talk to you soon dearie~ this is a special pendant.. with each day that'll start to feel.. more.. and more... different... have fun~ *  she summons her cello plays her tune & Console's soul is sucked out into her book and then she disappears *

*The Next morning Console Command Wakes up in his house in ponyville feeling rather... odd*

Console: huh?... wha?... what happened yesterday?...and whats this weird pendant on my neck?...

The pic is Console Command as A Siren if you didn't know guys

(Your turn guys respond with your rp messages as you decide to visit console's place)

Credit to the awesome :icongamerpen: for making

Also lemme know if you wanna rp with Console when he is Already in that Siren form seen in the picture

EDIT: it isn't Midnight that did it Its a New Demon Pony Named 8-bit Symphony

8-Bit Symphony by Future--Hearts

^ Thats 8-bit Symphony

An All new kind of Robot! (RP)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 30, 2015, 12:58 AM
*Crimson was in the factory as per usual... thinking up new schemes to Stop the mane 6..He tried his Subwoofers to see if that would  work on them.....But Sadly it didn't so Crimson Had to think of a new plan... perhaps make a Brand new type of Robot that he hasn't tried to make before.. perhaps this would be the key to doing this and ridding the mane 6 once and for all to have all of ponyville and equestria under his Control....but what kinda robot would he make?.... we shall find out soon as he is in his planning room making blue prints of Possible robot designs with his intern :iconmlp-retro: Rene a Good Robot design as well.... and has a pony  hostage in the testing chambers room*

Crimson beat: hmmmm... what would be a Good Idea for a new robot design?... hmmmmmmmmmm...Or a New robot design to convert ponies into....It needs to be fun.. it needs to be creative, and perhaps a bit alluring and attractive to lure in victims?... hmmmmmmmmm.....aack!.. hey! why is their a bee flying around in the room?.... wait the bee?.....hmmmmmmmm.....

(Your turn guys respond with your rp messages as you are the one trapped in the Testing chamber)

So...About Sonic Boom (Tv series)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 6:48 PM
Gotta say the show itself isn't too bad im about 11 episodes and I already got a favorite Character who is Sticks the Badger I dunno I love her crazy antics and funny personality and paranoia its just really entertaining to me for some reason she just seems plain coocoo XD so yeah shes my favorite and her voice can be adorable when she is rambling about nonsense like the balance of the universe, lol! But yeah just thought id let my watchers know thats what ive been doing 

So yeah Sticks is awesome!

Twilight's Haunted Castle (A Ghostly Fate  RP) by Midnight-Devilwitch
Twilight's Haunted Castle (A Ghostly Fate RP)
*Celestia came to visit Twilight Sparkle, however twilight was away, while twilight was away, Dark Console Captured Celestia and put her in a painting, and he is here haunting twilght's castle hence the reason he put celestia inside of a painting  and being stuck in one of these paintings for 24 hours the victim will turn into a Brainwashed loyal spirit of dark's  and always obey everything he says, so  if dark were to have the Princess of Canterlot as his Loyal spirit then he could use her to command her armies to do 

anything he says...but he has been doing this for a while now...luring ponies to Twilight's castle and putting them in one point he did do this to 32 unlucky the picture here this is when he was defeated but now dark has escaped the vacuum and once he got his crown back...and got insane Spyro :iconinsanespyro:  back into the bowser Puppet suit to help him...Dark and his
brainwashed bowser puppet now roam the land at night, Seeking out new ponies to trap in paintings to rebuild his Spiritual army/Ghost army, to once again haunt twilight's castle only this time, it will be Twilight that is sealed into the painting and

become dark's Ghostly Slave....

The scenario is, dark has found you and now he is gonna get his bowser puppet to hold you in place ready to put you in a painting to turn you into one of Dark's Ghost its  your turn guys...will you be able to talk dark out of not doing this... or will you be trapped in a painting for 24 hours and emerge as one of Dark's Brainwashed Ghost slaves?*

Credit to :iconinsanespyro: for making this Spooky picture

(So yeah guy's respond with your rp messages)

Also this is a sequel to this picture Dark Console and His Bowser Puppet (shading test) by InsaneSpyro

Dark Console, Good or Evil? 

8 deviants said Good
7 deviants said Evil
3 deviants said Dark Console Command's BIO! (Read Description!) by Midnight-Devilwitch


Midnight-Devilwitch's Profile Picture
Midnight Devilwitch Blingbling
United States
Midnight's Short Bio

a demon pony born & raised in the nether (pony underworld),
in school around the time when the windigo's were departing and the lands
were uniting.

(so around the time of princess platinum 2,000 - 3,000 years ago, before the 2
sisters & discord arrived)

During this time she was in school taking her exams, learning about what it meant to be
a demon pony, and that souls were of great importance in this realm, so depending on
what path they decide to take they would need to learn about making contracts and
deals to acquire souls to increase there power and bring some back to this realm.

Midnight herself and her best friend & study partner (Wicked At Heart) taking on the path of a devil
meaning that they would have to go to the living world and get ponies to sign special
contacts in there own blood so that a connection was made and there souls could be
taken, and after 3 years of studying it was time for the final exam were they had 72
hours to go to the pony realm and get a soul to bring back with them, allowing them
to pass there test and become a true deal making demon.

it was during Midnight Devilwitch's final exam that she come across a ancient,
a great titan of old that had powers exceeding that of any demon and maybe even
rivalling that of Queen Faust, and while in demon school teachers had gone to great
lengths to tell all future demons to say far away from these creatures of imminence
destruction, it turned out however that Midnight had come across a ancient that was
not born but made, created from every ponies greed and desire for more, it itself
feed off of that negative energy, the greed inside them only making it stronger and
it was fate when a powerful entity like a demon or a alicorn finds a ancient as they
can use them to for there own gain, manipulating ponies into doing certain things to
feed off of there energy,telling her why just make a deal for a soul why not not
try gain more, like you will grain there wish for there soul and 10% of the bits they
make a year, and she could use that money to legally buy shops and such in this world
to increase her hold and her power and those that become to greedy, she can have
there soul but such greed would be his to feed on and the soulless body would become a
vessel of greed for the ancient to do with as he pleased.

After hours of talking to the ancient Midnight con-seeded and agreed to help it, the
hulking beast creating a candy bit from within its body it falling out of a hole in
its hoof into her hooves, telling her to eat it, following his instructions she did all
of a sudden all of the ancients knowledge of greed and the desires of a mortals heart
came to her, the ancient also bestowing on her the gift of a 30k gold necklace much
like his own, giving her a 3rd name of BlingBling a name that to sum up her her love
of jewelery (her bracelets) and her egomania of how she wanted attention and will
force everyone into paying attention to her and entertaining her.

Her deal done she returned with a pony soul and a nice little cottage in the mortal
world form witch her empire would grow, passing the test she gain her own soul
stealing talisman of her choice, witch she course to be a soul eye that she asked to be
in cased within a solid gold pendant she could wear round her neck, witch the teacher
agreed to, completing the stuff she wears today.

But the ancients power extended beyond the mortal realm as she understood how demons
and there ranking worked, the more power you had the higher up in society you would
become, and as of right now she was a low to middle class demon, but now with the
knowledge of the ancient of greed she proceeded to trick other demon ponies including
her own teacher into signing away the power to her, quickly rising though the ranks to
become one of the high class demons of the nether and a sub-ruler of her own rejoin,

Think of her like princess twilight, in control of the nether version of Ponyville in
a castle of her own, but by no means a true elder demon like Celestia that controls the
major parts of the nether and has more of a say, or even the Arch demon lord who was
the alternative to Queen Faust and had control over all of the nether.

But slowly but surly she was gaining power in her world and a lot of land & properties
in the pony world with main businesses like crimson industries, and large plots of
land like appaloosa.

Now the attention seeks out other weak willed ponies and demons in increase
her power and slowly take control over both the nether and the pony world, by legal
means of using the money she is gaining form business under her control to buy more
land and businesses.

all who get to greedy are served to the ancient for his own end,
all who accept are turned into Midnight's mindless puppets for her use and entertainment
and all who oppose her will eventually be broken one way or another as she can wait.

it is unclear how much influence the ancient of greed has on midnight, all we know is its is less that 25% as her eyes color is not pure gold, But there is certainly some influence as her out eye color is a ring of gold.

Sorry, had to do it XD by LordPendragonOfCaria Twilight x Prince Thorn Stamp by SonicandErikfan CRUSH_KILL_DESTROY_STAMP by Super-Hedgehog Cucpakes Stamp by JustWestOfWeird :thumb299219039: What If Ringo Starr Stole Your Dress? Stamp by harvestcheddar
Discord Stamp by jewlecho Bow Before Your Queen Stamp by harvestcheddar SHED.MOV Stamp by CocoChipooRocks
Stamp APPLE.MOV by Mie078 Tulip and Thorn Stamp by SecretMonstersQueen Chrysalis is my Special Somepony by LordPendragonOfCariaFilly Please Stamp by harvestcheddar
Oh My Celestia Stamp by harvestcheddarStop Hatin' on Prince Thorn Stamp by NyctoScotoBabs Seed stamp by Zero-JanitorBabs Seed stamp by Zero-Janitor Babs Seed stamp by Zero-JanitorOcarina of Time Bosses stamp by LordPendragonOfCariaAntasma Fan Stamp by NeoZ7No One Was Paying Attention Stamp by harvestcheddar Taranza Stamp by Crashkirby888 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17Masked DeDeDe Stamp by TornadoZX17 Stamp of sectobiatch by NotHorsen Stamp of sectobiatch by NotHorsen Stamp of sectobiatch by NotHorsen Stamp of sectobiatch by NotHorsen Stamp of sectobiatch by NotHorsen Stamp of sectobiatch by NotHorsenMarx Stamp 1 by CinsaTalXenoMakerMarx stamp 2 by CinsaTalXenoMakerRetsupurae Stamp by SpikytasticPrincess Unikitty: Never,ever,ever..EVER! Stamp by xXKawaiiStarXxWyldStyle and UniKitty Stamp by xXKawaiiStarXx:thumb447006370:Diablo 3 stamp by ithorAnti Minecraft Stamp by Firework154 Starlight Glimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12 Starlight Glimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12
Starlight Glimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12Starlight Glimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12Callie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnReddCallie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnReddCallie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnReddCallie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnReddCallie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnReddCallie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd

Marx Soul Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Dark Console Fan button by BronyXceed

UniKitty Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
LEGO Bad Cop Button by ButtonsMaker
LEGO MetalBeard Button by ButtonsMaker
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Princess Amanita Fan Button by NanditheHedgehog
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Obsidian icons: :iconcrystalthorn-nopeplz::iconcrystalthorn-wtfplz::icondramatic-ctplz::iconct-sleepingplz::iconcrystalthorn-shocked::iconobsidian-udontsayplz:

Prince Thorn Icons: :iconthornishappyplz: :iconprincethornyayplz: :iconthornunimpressedplz: :iconcpt-creepyplz::iconcpt-swagplz: :iconcpt-lairfaceplz: :iconcpt-wingbonerplz: :iconcpt-crazyplz: :iconcpt-sadfaceplz: :iconcpt-hipsterplz: :iconpervyprincethornplz: :iconprincethornsnapplz::iconcpt-evilplz::iconprincethornpcplz::iconcpt-partycannonplz:

Favorite tv show: My little pony Friendship is magic
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Pinkie Pie

What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
Hosted By Anime


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Mature Content

Oops by Katies-Palace

MLP EQ RR The Dazzlings Transform by Jailboticus2

Flutterbat Senpai

bat time by kyodashiro
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Lady Palutena <3

Palutena by DarkRinoa88
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Sonata Dusk (Console's good friend)

Equestria Girls - Sonata Dusk walking by Botchan-MLP

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Sonata Dusk by Janji009Equestria Girls - Sonata Dusk walking by Botchan-MLP

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Sonata Dusk by SuperErikaStar

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The Half Genie cutie, Shantae

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Dark Console, Good or Evil? 

8 deviants said Good
7 deviants said Evil
3 deviants said Dark Console Command's BIO! (Read Description!) by Midnight-Devilwitch


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Help me reach my goal and ill forever be greatful!

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